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SpeedType™ medical transcription software and universal abbreviation expander software will save up to 60% of your typing time. It's fast, compatible, and simple to use with all Windows applications.
Benefits of SpeedType
  Increase Production and Decrease Keystrokes
Save Time and Make More Money!
  Enhance Your Profession
Upgrade Your Current Word Expanding Technology with Ease

SpeedType™ is a universal, user-friendly, abbreviation expander program for the Windows operating system. It is the most powerful but easy to use shortcut typing software tool on the market today. It works with all Windows applications, even your e-mail and instant message boxes! This program can save 60% of your typing day making learning shorthand fun and exciting. SpeedType™ is now an authorized vendor/business partner of AAMT. Please allow SpeedType™ to enhance your work load productivity by purchasing your copy today! Click the Order Software button to place your order. After purchase, you will have tech support with this product. SpeedType™ also offers the service to convert your old macro list file, whether DOS or Windows, into a SpeedType file. No rebuilding of your macros necessary when switching word expander programs. Thus, allowing instant productivity enhancement upon initial use.

Our program can store over 500,000 dictionary entries. The number of entries stored is only limited by your hard drive disk space. Click on the links to the left to learn more about SpeedType™, “The Extreme Word Expander” for the Windows operating system.

Corporate SpeedType Users - Welcome Aboard!

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SpeedType Testimonials

"By the way, I LOVE SpeedType. If you ever need an MT to talk to someone who is considering buying it, you can send them to me. I can give them any number of areas where SpeedType is better than the "cheap" program I was using before--and I haven't even come close to using all of its features yet."

Thanks again,
Jeanne - San Antonio, FL

"I have only just begun with SpeedType, but so far I REALLY like it! It is easy to input the shortcuts, and to use and understand, and significantly helps my productivity. I am so glad that I found out about it."

Tracy - North Fork, ID

"How did I ever live without this software? I LOVE IT - and it works with the McKesson software. This is very exciting."

Thanks so much, Betsy.
Mindy - Camelot, CA

"I was able to successfully download the SpeedType software.  I have just barely played with it and already I can see what a HUGE advantage this will be.  I am a Medical Transcriptionist and have always used the autocorrect function but needed something for addresses as my large account is a specialist who sends correspondence back to the referring physician and also the templates that I use.  I can see this will be awesome.  Thanks for the free trial, this will help me with my decision."

Ruth Smith

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